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2017 (0.901180505752563): Former Software Engineer at Spotify on their revolutionary (and kind of insane) solution of using self-contained iframes to increase team autonomy. (excerpt in comments) discuss
68 (0.861937999725342): Gamifying AWS DevOps - Should I revive this project? discuss
54 (0.734304130077362): The benefits of using Lodash in the Go language without reflection discuss
32 (0.919971108436584): Everyone wants to know how long a project will take. Here’s practical advice about how to provide managers with a prediction that’s both accurate and imprecise, using cycle time and counting user stories, along with advice on when to avoid estimation altogether. discuss
7 (0.893752813339233): Python has brought computer programming to a vast new audience discuss
5 (0.907980561256409): Fluence provides a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted database service. Scalable, reliable and secured by blockchain. discuss
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1 (0.797110199928284): We created a website to build Artificial Intelligence for games discuss
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