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10800 (0.809242606163025): TIL Frankenstein's Monster was never given a name. However the Monster itself suggested the name 'Adam'. discuss
16650 (0.703285753726959): TIL that before the introduction of disposable diapers, 90% of American children were potty trained by age two discuss
2046 (0.852643191814423): TIL fairies in traditional folklore are considered malevolent creatures to be avoided and warded off, rather than the benevolent creatures modern culture suggests. discuss
1793 (0.893095195293427): TIL Leonard Cohen originally wrote 80 draft verses for his song "Hallelujah." He chose several of the most relevant and interchanged some of them depending on where he was playing. discuss
1190 (0.949463248252869): TIL Ralphie from A Christmas Story was an executive producer for Iron Man discuss
461 (0.947577595710754): TIL Bill Gates founded a nonprofit ed-tech initiative that created peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks, which are available in free digital formats and for a low cost in print. Instructors are free to use, adapt, and remix the content of those textbooks. discuss
266 (0.708880245685577): TIL in 1941 there was a movement to create a new US state "Jefferson" that would've been in northern California. The movement was quickly snuffed out by Pearl Harbor and more effort was focused in WWII. The movement later resurfaced in 2013-2014. discuss
243 (0.777345895767212): TIL that the name "Hister" in Nostradamus's famous prophecy, which is commonly interpreted to refer to Hitler, is actually just the Latin name for the Danube. discuss