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11234 (0.827854037284851): TIL that people used to gather around paintings at well-to-do parties identifying hard-to-spot things for fun, a game that was essentially I Spy but for the wealthy and educated. discuss
2625 (0.832578659057617): TIL Fresh, sealed meat would be purple. So meat packagers add carbon monoxide to turn it bright red. discuss
626 (0.766535222530365): TIL that Killian, a black labrador, saved a baby boy from an abusive babysitter by staying between the baby and the sitter and alerting the parents. Parents tried recording the scene, and the sitter was convicted. discuss
493 (0.809074640274048): TIL Project RENEW, co-founded in 2001 by a US Army vet in an effort to help clear unexploded bombs in Vietnam, now spends about $24 million a year clearing unexploded ordnance, teaching children about the risks, and assisting victims. The project cleared 17,000 bombs in 2017. discuss
95 (0.875782608985901): TIL that the British created a "bouncing bomb" - which uses the same mechanics as skipping rocks on the surface of a water body- in order to blow up German dams in WW2. It worked. discuss
91 (0.743262052536011): TIL there are certain voice-over actors known as mimics, who are called in just to record audio of sighing, grunting and various other sounds for famous celebrities discuss
81 (0.712211072444916): TIL Henry VIII once had a wrestling match with the King of France discuss
70 (0.847507834434509): TIL Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine, voice of Mermaid Man, credited his long life to A LOT of masturbation. discuss
71 (0.834463596343994): TIL M. Visvesvaraya was the creator of Automatic Sluice Gates and Block Irrigation System,which are considered to be the marvels. Without his invention,the modern day dams we have now may not have been possible.Every year, his birthday on 15th September is celebrated as Engineer's Day in India. discuss
70 (0.717326998710632): TIL Ovulating women are more than 3 times more likely to wear a red or pink shirt than women at low conception risk. discuss