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12407 (0.806373476982117): TIL in 1140, a German King captured a castle and ordered all the women of the castle to leave with whatever they could carry on their backs. Thinking quickly, the women carried their men on their backs. The King kept his word and let the men live. discuss
4894 (0.731331706047058): TIL A 22 year old Chinese man known as 'C' his whole life was denied the right to continue using his name. The Chinese government does not recognise Latin characters. He could not provide evidence of the letter 'C' being in the National Chinese Standards of Letters and Symbols. discuss
1902 (0.837648987770081): TIL: about Tim Ballard, who left his job as a special agent for Homeland security and created an organization focusing solely on child Trafficking. To this day, he has saved 1000s' of victims and has arrested over 750 Traffuckers. and oh Yea, he also writes books discuss
901 (0.773229598999023): TIL that petting a dog releases the hormone oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone,” which is often dysregulated in people with social anxiety disorders and autism. discuss
505 (0.831708669662476): TIL Rich Girl by Hall and Oates was actually about a guy. Daryl Hall's girlfriend at the time had an ex who was the heir to a fast food chain fortune. Hall thought the guy was spoiled and a "burn out". But decided Rich Girl sounded better than Rich Guy. discuss
203 (0.782553315162659): TIL the word "mesmerize" comes from the name of Franz Anton Mesmer, an Austrian physician from the 1700s who is considered to be the father of modern hypnosis. discuss
127 (0.785590291023254): TIL that Wim Hof (The Iceman) trained 12 volunteers and made them manipulate their immune system to fight an endotoxin that was injected in their bloodstream discuss
112 (0.832709014415741): TIL The name Fido became popular for dogs after President Lincoln’s assassination. Lincoln’s dog was also a drunk guy with a knife. discuss
89 (0.794061303138733): TIL in 2017 after a 17-year-old used a handgun to rob a Girl Scout selling cookies; the Union City Police Officer Association arrested the suspect and then helped raise more than $1,000 to cover the losses discuss
74 (0.886215567588806): TIL that Ivan Pavlov was mistranslated, his "conditioned" responses were actually "conditional" responses, and he actually believed in free will, unlike the behaviorists who tried to follow him. discuss